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With thorough knowledge of rendering, paste-up and illustration techniques, Yvonne Littleton is a particularly strong in graphic designs, portraits and technical illustrations. As an award-winning advertising artist, Yvonne has implemented her expertise in stage design and backdrop lighting, including that used in the Rolling Stone’s World Tour. In addition, her mural designs have helped promote several non-profit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Yvonne has married her passion for the arts with her love for health education. As a true believer in the healing powers of the arts, she continues to use her art as a tool to enhance well-being in various communities. Her art instruction includes creative writing and storytelling, as well as visual art.


Ms. Littleton holds degrees in Graphic Design, Public Health and Community Health Education.

Blue Portrait, Pastel, Yvonne Littleton
Mural, Yvonne Littleton
Detail, Mural, Yvonne Littleton
Yvonne, Vista Poster
Yvonne, Vista Detail
Elder, pastel drawing, Yvonne Littleton
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